Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Logo's Logo's Logo's

Been busy with school & very little of anything else! Kitties are absolutely ADORABLE. If they were any sweeter I'd probably have a cavity.

In my chair-sitting (all tired out from the school grind I can barely leave the recliner at night!) I've been designing some templates & logo's for the jemima*bean side of things. This logo I created here will probably be a finalist in a contest on a design board I belong to. Cool!

I'm supposed to go to a wedding this weekend, afternoon ceremony so nothing formal. I probably need a new dress or skirt or something. Right? I'm just too tired to pin & cut out & sew right now. Meanwhile, I think it's funny that even exhausted beyond belief, I still gotta be creating. And I can create on the computer, which TOTALLY counts.

Project Runway tonight...which I'm not jinxing like I did last week. Soooo sorry bout that.


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