Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little Man

G is officially a football player. Wow. (and I asked him when he started going to practices..."Don't they have a weight limit? Like, shouldn't you weigh more than the pads?" He didn't think I was funny. Hee.)

G getting instructions from Coach...

My precious baby boy, with the full head of hair at birth that rivaled Suri Cruise's, who's sweet chubby grin and good-natured disposition won over every one he speaks regularly about "crushing" and "hitting" and "takin' em DOWN!" With relish.

I blame testosterone. But just look how cute he is in his little uniform. He's still my baby boy...

Little snowman template is ready & up for auction. I limited the quantity to 5. If I sell ONE of them I'll be ecstatic. My first boutique sale! Sort of . If templates count. I guess we'd better save the woo-hoo's for later! Here's the link if you want a peek!!

Kitty Face
Sweet little baby. Just look at that face!

Gotta do actual work stuff now. Bummer.



  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    The template is lovely, it will sell I'm sure. Good Luck with it.

    Have you thought about doing blog banners etc? I've been looking on ebay and only found one which wasn't great.

    I'd buy one!

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Oh, please do keep the kitty pics coming!! I lean heavily on anything that will make me smile right now:-)

  3. Aw thanks! I have never thought of blog banners, good tip!

    Nina, you hang in there. More kitty pics comin' up this weekend, just for you!!


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