Thursday, October 19, 2006

If People Would Only Dress Better...

According to Project Runway's Laura Bennett, all the problems in the world are directly related to fashion. M'k.

Although with arguably the most beautiful collection of clothes to grace a PR Fashion Week EVER...she was in the bottom 2. Why? My favorites...

This shimmery dress with the black belt...LOVE it.

And HEY!! Pantsuit! I was hoping she'd do one, I figured it would be fabulous.

Well, I personally knew she was toast the second she gave her attempt at sob story... Bless her heart, she couldn't "afford" to start up her own clothing line and had to resort to participating in a reality show. (I suspect this little snippet was taped while the PR Search Party was trying to locate a lost Tim Gunn in her obnoxiously huge NYC apartment.)

My toast theory was proven as soon as Nina Garcia declared "She did fine for someone who only sews her own clothes". Or something to that effect. It was so patronizing and condescending I didn't catch the rest of the judges discussion about Laura. It was proof positive that Laura may have incredible design & construction skills, but she was NEVER going to win this competition. She was just a "home sewer". Frankly, I think she designs circles around the rest of the cast. We home-sewer's stick together.

And yes, I LURV Michael "Dollface" Knight and would wear practically anything Uli made. But I DREAM about having clothes like the stuff Laura makes. Um, and a place to wear them.

And all the "one note" crap they continually, obsessively complained about Laura's stuff? Um, hello. You had Vera Freaking Wang as a guest judge this season??? Talk about hypocritical. I mean, sure, Vera does a small line of casual clothes, but does anyone really care???? It's all about the Evening Gowns & Bling-Worthy stuff she makes. You know I'm right.

And you know what else? I can't think of any more one-note than Jeffrey. Ever single dress he made was the same halter top, from the newspaper dress to the final collection. Think about it. Besides, all of his clothes are UGLY. That's pretty one-note to me. He doesn't even deserve a picture here so I didn't get one. Blech.

I'm debating not even watching next season. Stupid show.


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