Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Penguins Are Comin, the Penguins Are Comin!!

Hee. The gals at The Little Boutique Downtown were nice enough to include me in their HoHo Launch, starting tomorrow.

Lots of cute penguin items! Most aren't Holiday-ish either, so they're good for all winter long! Mine isn't finished, of course, but not for lack of trying! My first tee applique seemed crooked so I went to use my seam ripper & tore a hole in the tee right off the bat. Dang. So I got out my next little tee, didn't even get STARTED stitching the applique on before I cut a hole in that one TOO!!. AGGHHH. But here's a peek anyway... (this is a pre-pressing & finishing up stage so keep that in mind with your peekage.)

Off to WM tomorrow to pick up a cream tee (hopefully!) and get this sucker listed ;)

In other news... I installed a hard drive in my laptop Friday night: I'm such a geek. But at least my laptop is working again! Yay!

Off to bed...another week. Sheesh, this working stuff is for the birds.

Later gators!


  1. Oh I love it!!!!
    Hope you find the shirt you need.

    The bows I am listing match your design. (Hopefully I can get'em listed tomorrow)!


  2. Thank you! :) If I had been a better planner we could have got our stuff together, LOL!!


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