Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cold, Dark, Wet, Hungry....

This post coming to you from the last dregs of laptop battery, and probably just before the phone line goes...

We're right on the ice/rain line of things as far as this winter storm goes. GOOD, because we can still get out of the house...but BAD because we still lost power. It's hovering at 30 degrees here so even the rain is freezing as it hits the surface of things. All the trees & powerlines have been glazed over with a thick covering of ice since yesterday morning. I've lost a bunch of huge tree limbs in the front now lies crossing my driveway & another one just hit the side of the house while I logging into Blogger! Yikes!

Still, it's not ALL bad:
  • The house smells good due to the multitude of candles burning everywhere.
  • The kids haven't killed each other yet.
Ummm. Ok that's all I can think of good.

The bad? Well, without power I have no water. That's bad. That means no indoor plumbing. We were lucky in that we had enough warning that I "caught" enough water to get me by for about 36 hours of flushing & teeth brushing/washing up. I'm not out yet, so we're OK there.

More's my long weekend! The last for many weeks, and I was gonna sew spectacularly gorgeous garments!

More good...I've got loads of time to look through my Burda World of Fashions & Ottobre's & ogle and pick and choose. I can also read trashy novels without guilt (because, hey, ya can't be vacuuming or doing laundry without power!) AND since we have no way to cook, but the roads are relatively in good shape for a 20 mile stretch here, my dad brought us McDonald's for dinner! Yum. Fries never tasted so good (that would be thing 3 you didn't know about me...I hate fries. But they sure were yummy tonight!)

Last good before my batt dies...We played candlelight Monopoly last night until 9:30. Tonight maybe Uno? Or Yahtzee? Or a half a dozen other board games we don't take time to play together nearly enough.

Stay warm!



  1. What a bummer. Who cares about freezing to death or the inability to wash - loss of sewing time is far more dire :) !!! I hope you all stay warm and find something fun to do.

  2. Oh no! You poor thing! That just sounds miserable. :(


  3. WOW Angie! I hope you and the family are well and that power is up and running soon enough! ~Rebecca


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