Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mystery Fabrics

I have so many things in my stash that I can't identify, that sewing for me is often Twice as Fun! First there's the fun of choosing the perfect piece for that awesome pattern you just discovered (also in your stash) and then there's the breath-holding and apprehension when you prewash (you know, because it might fall apart or shrink to Barbie doll size). THEN comes the fun of "do I have enough", which leads most usually to creative pattern layout (and some interesting facing fabrics).

Such has been the odyssey of my current project, a pair of coral trousers (which will hereby be known as Ms. Frankenpants.) I started with McCalls 3132 (cute pants. TOTALLY forgot I had
this one.)

Trying a new idea I've been toying with for pants (morphing that Cruise Pant crotch onto all my pants. Hey, it fits!) I traced off the CP pattern from crotch up and added it to the top of the McCalls pattern. I was a little worred about the "hang" of the leg, but I matched grainlines & hoped for the best. Here's the almost finished pants:

They fit MAHVELOUS in the crotch. HA! As you can tell by Edith's (my dressform) saggy bottoms, they're a little big everywhere else, most noticeably in the waist. These are a low rise trouser, and that's fine, but the CP pattern has an elastic waist (although a narrow waist) and of course the McCalls has a fitted waistband. I tried adjusting the waistband from the McCall's pattern & easing the top of the pant, but I still don't have a good fit there. I think I need a contour wasitband (the McCall's pattern was just a long strip of fabric, although it was split at the center back seam which helped some to adjust the fit.)

All of that isn't my biggest problem with these pants tho (and why they're still hanging around unhemmed with no trouser hook/eye thingie yet.) They are a $%!@ to iron!!! I mean, look at the wrinkles, they're screaming "cotton blend" or "rayon" or SOMEthing partially natural and iron-able!!! But NOOOO. The fabric is spring-y for lack of a better word (almost like wool, but they're not sucking water, so its not that.) And won't hold a crease from the iron when I press (you should see the loving-hands-at-home side seams. Sheesh.) But it wrinkles all over the place from lying around? It's the darndest thing I've ever seen and I think I give up. They were a great muslin tho to try out my Ms. Frankenpants Pattern.

For the next pair, I'm morphing the top portion of the front/back piece & using the contour waistband from this pattern, KwikSew 3385. (By the way, I used the KS 3385 instructions for construction...although they went together very easily.)

I did buy 3 lengths of denim/lycra today for more pants! I'm going to try to participate in the pants sewalong on PR (that's how the coral pants got started.) I was so excited to find the stretch denim I couldn't help myself. One is the BEST darkwash color EVER (most definitely a ringer for the 7 for All Mankind "Maneater Wash". HA!) The other has a pinstripe effect that is cool, and the last piece is a burgandy/coppery color that I'll have to snap a pic of later. It's dressy, so I'm thinking the KS pattern above would be perfect.

Speaking of Sewalongs...I'm going to try to do the RTW Knockoff Contest on PR too, and my choice of RTW to knock off is this absolutely fabulous (Edina! Patsy! Oh, sorry.) Fabulous white top from Basset:

Back to school tomorrow. Bummer.


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