Sunday, February 11, 2007

Movie Weekend!

We vegetated this weekend. After a particularly awful day dealing with the rudeness of shopgirls, we decided people aren't worth the effort :D We'll take fictional characters any day of the week! (But a cold Sunday, especially).

We watched this...

and then I watched this and LOVED it! (Kids weren't interested, haha).

Now I've got to start a sewing project for Lu. Yay!



  1. I haven't seen Open Season yet, but I sure enjoyed The Lake House (my husband? not so much...)

  2. I loved The Lake House too, and my guys were nice (smart?) enough to not say anything negative. ;-)

  3. :D It's definitely a chick movie! I've heard the Japanese version (the original?) ends with her discovering he was hit by the bus. Yow. I'm glad they didn't go with that ending!

  4. Another Yes for The Lake House...Keanu and Sandra have great onscreen chemistry! That is one of those DVDs that I would actually add to my collection!


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