Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow Days!

We've been out of school for 2 days least I've got electricity this time! I got my house nice and shiny (well, almost. I'd just be uncomfortable if it was ALL done, right?) We've had quite a January. First the ice storm, then G-man got bronchitis/which turned out to be flu/which then morphed into pneumonia. He was sick for over a week (but is feeling better now.)

Oscar the pom had a visit with the vet that week also, poor sick puppy. His eyes had weird blisters on the lids. He had just had his teeth cleaned, and turns out he was allergic to his antibiotic. He's STILL on steroids & an antibiotic trying to recuperate. He's my little buddy, so I was pretty worried about him too. (See how cute he looks all cuddled up in his favorite blanky?)

Now Lu has been sick this week, but seems to be turning the corner this afternoon (probably flu...the incubation's prolly about right! Which means that about Monday I'll start feeling lousy of course.)

I'm really glad I had these 2 days this week to recuperate, LOL. I was on the verge of losing it in a big way! I won't even tell you the strange flukey twist of fate that happened to my work laptop. Suffice it to say that I'm typing this entry on the partially working Gateway laptop (of which only half the screen is visible at one time now.) Sigh.

Be back shortly. Informative posting returns soon, promise!

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