Friday, September 14, 2007

Head. Hurt.

I've had a migraine since Tuesday. I'm grumpy.

No sewing here this week...but my Gorgeous Fabrics came! And I traced my Ottobre button front top.

That's progress, dangit.

I haven't even had the time or energy to peruse your lovely blogs. My apololgies for that. At least I've got a whole weekend to peruse & sew & peruse & sew.

Meanwhile, check out Shannon's prettty blue NL top...I have this pattern staring up at me every time I open my pattern drawer. Cheeky thing.


  1. Aweee, hope you feel better! I used to get migraines so bad I would see black spots and thank God I don't get them anymore!


  2. Well how the heck didja get rid of em? :D Thanks sweetie!


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