Monday, September 03, 2007

Ottobre Woman

I got my new Ottobre Woman in the mail Saturday! WooHoo!!

Once again there are several things I want to make right away out of this magazine! I went straightaway to Gorgeous Fabrics and placed an order. (That's how you know it's a good magazine, when you immediately fabric shop with one of the pieces in mind.)

It was the cover top that sent me fabric shopping and I found this very MOD dotty knit:

But I also picked up a snazzy ssssnakeskin print for the trench coat! (Which has raglan sleeves so will whip up in NO time!) Itty bitty pic of the snakeskin overlaying the mag pic...

And look at the gorgeous white blouse above too, with beautiful sleeves & cuffs...everyone needs this blouse.

And this adorable bow-front skirt is a must-have too:

I also love this simple black knit top (with cute gathered sleeve hems) AND the jeans. You gotta love a jean with a substantial pocket, especially when you've got an ample backside.

That's one disappointment in commercial patterns that's an easy fix, but can be hard to identify. Sometimes you hate the way your newly made & painstakingly topstitched jeans look on your booty trial. It's probably the pockets. 9.5 times out of 10 the pocket pattern is WAYYYY too small. (This can be true of purchased jeans too. But why purchase them when you can sew a fabulous, well-fitting pair yourself?? Not us. Right?)

Solution: Small pockets make your butt look big. Enlarge your pocket pattern until it's proportional to your cheekiness.

I lost my train of thought. Oh yea. I'm So going to make those jeans. And the gathered front top, AND the long sleeve tee. AND the gorgeous white blouse. AND the sweet bow-front skirt.

Gotta get cracking now. That's a whole lotta tracing!


  1. Ooo...I am loving the fabric and pattern choices. You are gonna be so stylin'!! Can't wait to see it all made up.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I love this magazine too and this time I might even sew something up. Your fabrics are lovely choices. The jerseys at Gorgeous fabrics are to die for. I wish I lived in the US, we have NO patterned jerseys here at all only plain in the same 4 colours every year, grrrrr

  3. If I couldn't order online, I'd be in the same boat! Only plain jersey locally here too. :( So glad for the internet! LOL :D

  4. Great choice. I'm looking forward to see Ottobre in the shop here, and will buy it immediately as I'm currently on a roll with Ottobre T-shirts and like them very much.

  5. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Ang - is Ottobre only plus size fashions? That's something I've been wondering. While parts of me are certainly plus-sized, in general, I'm not.

  6. Nope, Nina! They come in size 34-52 (Euro sizing like Burda WOF.) Some stuff doesn't even go up to 52 tho, some only to 46.

  7. oh nice! I think I need the skirt with a bow. Great fabrics by the way.


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