Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's Comin'

The forecast for today through Thursday...

and the Doppler radar right now over me (I'm about an hour or 2 from the blue stuff. Which is the white stuff, you know.)

Yikes. I better fill the tub with water and charge my laptop batteries! Dang I sure do wish my sewing machine had a battery! I've got projects to do!! At least the worst of it won't hit probably until tonight or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I made these yesterday for teacher gifts. The cups are from the Dollar General Store ($2.00) and have a removable base so you can switch out the insert. I used some scraps of Amy Butler & Jennifer Paganelli I had lying around, and monogrammed each with the teacher's initial. (Totally not my idea...I have seen these all fall on SewForum.) The alphabets were all freebies from SewForum too!

And I finished my 2nd "Temily" . This one is lime cotton lame with a little shimmer to it, smocked in simple 3 step waves and embellished with silver Japanese E beads:

I only had enough of hte lame in my stash to make the top, so the binding & ruffles are out of lime silk dupioni, which I washed & dried first to make it soft & drapey (and washable. ) I had trouble with the neckline this time and had to redo it once. But it turned out so cute!

Then I made these cute Christmas lounge pants for Lu out of stashed holly print with red dotty print for the contrast hemband & a red velvet ribbon trim:

Whew. I was busy yesterday! More to do today though. The Christmas rush is in full swing!



  1. Can you please make an adult sized version of the lime dress for me? Please? (batting eyes sweetly). Seriously, that dress is gorgeous.

    I love the teacher gifts. I would be so happy to get one of those.

  2. The dress is sooooo gorgeous. You have been very busy. We have winter storm warnings through Wednesday. The kids are keeping their fingers crossed for no school

  3. Quick! Hop in the car and drive down here to FL. It's warm and sunny (well, not NOW since it's nighttime) and I've got plenty of sewing machine outlets.

    Love that dress! And the lounge pants, and how good are you to do all the teacher presents!

  4. stay warm girl. your projects are wonderful...they look!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, Gorgeous!! that dress is fab!! I am seriously going to get some coffee cups with removable inserts, too. Love them!!

  6. The Temily is gorgeous! I love the fabric and the beads, and the smocking plate! What an adorable top, and it will be so cute for the holidays, yet not limited to one season! You rock!

    Shannon F

  7. You must have endless energy and creative lightening full of ideas bolting through your noggin. Soooo beautiful. Carry on.....

    p.s. I finally had help from a friend and my big girl tutu is on my blog. CAUTION: for mature eyes only, or at least with a good sense of humour.


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