Sunday, December 16, 2007

Little Gifts

Freestanding Lace bookmark from Stitch Delight for Laney's Sunday School teacher (she will also get one of the monogrammed cups.) I don't see this set on SecretsOf, which is probably where I purchased it from. But it is still available on the StitchDelight site.

I also made this gorgeous FSL ice skate ornament this week, for a SWAP I'm participating in over at NanaPennyPockets...

The skate is part of Anita Goodesign's Holiday Lace collection. It is beautiful when finished but it took 90 MINUTES to stitch out on my Bernina 170E!!! Yowza. That's when a second machine would come in handy, huh? (If you remember, my 2nd machine...a Babylock still under house arrest with my sister. Blast her.) I used a silk ribbon to make the hang tie, and I'm thinking about adding some crystals with my hotwand to bling up the swirlies just a bit.

My SWAP partner is also receiving this cute little wristlet...

It's constructed from a placemat from Garden Ridge! The adorable snowman was a freebie from Charming Station Embroidery last month. I believe it's still on her yahoo group though, in the freebies. There was a whole set of redwork snowmen! I can't take credit for the placemat wristlet idea, I was inspired by an adorable one over at SewForum.

And Lu had a ball yesterday decororating this plain jane purple frame with odds & ends from my stash. I photoshopped the picture of she & her friend Karen, so that they're fairies in a fantasy land.

I have a ton of things to finish for Lu...but she won't leave my side. Nosy little thing. Oh, and we got this at Wally World yesterday (don't laugh at my complete laziness in the baking area. I'll bake cookies & pumpkin loafs and gingerbread men next weekend...but it will have to wait til semester tests are graded!!)

Gotta go & get crackin now! Toodles!


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