Friday, April 04, 2008

12 TNT's

Here's my response to Lisa (from Sew Random), who asked this earlier in the week...What 12 TNT patterns would you take with you if you had to move into a small space w/no access to retail or internet pattern sources for one year?

No. 1...Simplicity 5074

I've dressed these simple drawstring pants up, down and everywhere in between. I even used them for the One Pattern Many Ways contest last year on PR. Definitely a keeper.

No. 2...Simplicity 4068

Basic flat front, fly front trousers. You gotta have trousers. Right? I can even make these in denim.

No. 3...Loes Hinse Design Tango Skirt

Super simple, you almost don't need a pattern. But it's nice that someone else figured out the lengths and angles of the panels for me. Perfect execution every time, with a sassy little swish around your legs.

No. 4...Loes Hinse Swing Skirt

Exactly what it claims to be...a flippy little skirt with lots of potential for variations.

No. 5...Loes Hinse Sweater Set

I've made this too many times to count, and it always amazes me how quickly it goes together and yet still looks like I picked it up at a boutique. Loes' magic. I love it in sweater weights and lighter knits too.

No. 6...Textile Studios Santa Monica Tee

I almost left this one off, but I do reach for it at least twice a year. Simple to construct, with an elegant neckline that never screams "homemade".

No. 7...Textile Studios Milan Dress

My all time favorite sundress pattern. The one people stop me to ask "this is gorgeous, where'd you get it?" Often.

No. .8..Textile Studios Capri Jacket

This is one of those patterns that I have to store in a big ziplock baggie and use extra care because the envelope and pieces are all raggedy from use. I've made it long, short, velvet, linen, and everything in between.

No. 9...New Look 6414

Lounge wear at its absolute best! I perfected the fit on the tops in this package a long time ago, so when I need a quick summer top I can whip one out in no time, but with style! The wrap jacket is a perfect complement to a cami or tank too, and goes together super easy because of the raglan sleeves.

No. 10...Ottobre 2/07 Puff Sleeve Tee

I can't remember if we had to choose just patterns or a magazine was ok, but it wouldn't matter. I'd cheat on this one. I can't live without my Ottobre tee!!! Even if I can only take my tee pattern pieces with me to the desert island, it would be worth it.

No. 11... New Look 6407

The best "basic shirt" pattern ever. All of my other tops are knit patterns so I would really have to take a woven pattern along to the island and this would be my first choice.

and finally No. 12...New Look 6429

I might find myself in need of a dressier dress than the Milan, thus the NL dress must make it into the top 12 also (even if the fit isn't totally perfected yet. But hey, I have a year, right?)

That's it! My 12 can't live without, TNT patterns. Of course I had runners up... Loes Hinse Cruise Pant and Textile Studeio Barcelona Dress (two old favorites that I remake a lot), and Ottobre 2/06 Ruffled Skirt (a peasant skirt I will never grow tired of) are three who hope they can stow away!

I can't wait to see everyone else's choices!


  1. Interesting choices!

    The Milan Dress intrigues me; it looks so...straight...but then, so's the model. Did you do a review on PR?

  2. Great choices. Although I do think you should hit up Loes Hinse for some royalties! :)

  3. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Very classic choices...a lovely wardrobe! ...Oh how I wish I could sew my own clothes!

  4. You have a lot of really nice patterns as your top 12. I was so excited to see that the New Look shirt pattern was one of them. That is my next project. I do not have 12 TNT patterns. In fact, I do not think I have any yet. Guess I better get sewing.

  5. Lisa, I don't think I've ever done a review on PR for the Milan. It's not as straight as it looks...they really don't choose the best models for the TS or LH patterns, sadly. It does have subtle shaping and really works on my curvy figure too.

    Shannon, she should SO pay me royalties! LOL. I like simple lines and instant gratification, and her sewing techniques/instructions really match my construction style. I find myself sewing her designs more often than any other patterns!

  6. Oh! Those are nice. I own only two LH/TS patterns and like them both (Brussels skirt and Barcelona dress) as they are fast and easy.

  7. I have all those TS patterns :) . Every summer I keep saying I'm going to make that sundress too. Well maybe this will be the summer that it actually gets done.

  8. Wow - you really have some great patterns to work with. I have a post planned for nxt wk about sewing clothes ... hope to become as skilled as you!

  9. Wow! What great choices! You would be ready for any occasion with this bunch.


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