Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Between Games!

What's been keeping me running (& occupied NOT sewing) the past couple of weeks...

Some of you blogger girls remember my Lu is a softball fanatic and we spend most of April through June at the fields. She was smoking hot last night!

And here's my nephew on the left (he's 11) and an opposing player (ALSO 11!!!!) Would you LOOK at the size of that kid? He looks like a grown man! In fact, he's almost as big as the 6' grown man standing next to him. Wow.

Also a big birthday shoutout to my BFF Buffy! A visit across the Okie state was in order this weekend so I could bring Texas Sheet Cake and gift cards. Oh, and smooch the heck out of this:

Doll Baby

Two more games this week then a bit of a breather next week before things pick up again, so maybe I'll get some sewing time!


  1. Now THAT'S the place to be if you're not sewing. And that's where I'm going today :) . My daughter has a school game today, the last hoome one and we are SO there.

    "Good Girls Steal" ;) .

  2. That is great news on Lu's home run! That make it SO sweet. Not only do good girls steal, good girls hit ;) .

    Our game went well. One of our pitchers started off and had a shaky start. Di came in at the end of the third inning to pitch and struck out the last batter (bases were loaded at that point). We were losing 4-0. She pitched two solid innings, the girls came back and we won by 10 runs in the 5th, 14-4. It was a great game for the last home game of the season.

  3. That kid is huge! Not just tall, burly, too.


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