Friday, June 26, 2009


My computer crashed today! Grrr. I was able to save my pictures and important documents (and my music files!) So all is not lost, but one thing I didn't think to grab before the grand death scene was my email settings.

Sooo....if we email, please send me an email me this weekend so I can add you back to my address book! Some of you are on Facebook and I can grab yours there if its listed, but if not please email me! I'm pretty aggravated at myself. I was so smug about "getting everything".

Still not sure whether the old girl is going to survive...the 2nd attempt at operating system install is still in progress (first one was a bust!) I'm on a borrowed laptop in the meantime.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say it took most of the day to save all of my stuff. I'm brain dead!! And what a waste of a day. Boo.


  1. Oh man. That stinks. Love the look of your new blog. It's very clean and fresh!

  2. Hello:

    I hear you about the issues with pc's. That's why I switched to a mac. I've had mine for a little over two months and thank goodness it's been doing fine.

    I'm a mac now, lol


  3. Bummer...I hate it when that happens...I lost my external hard drive a few months ago and lost a bunch of embroidery designs that hadn't been backed up's sad how much we depend on a machine!

  4. How frustrating. I have one of those external hard drives that back things up every night. I'll email you.


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