Thursday, June 25, 2009

makeover & a pig (or 4)

Just a little blog sprucing up! I've been wanting to go with a "cleaner" white background for a while now. Sometimes I feel like all the busy of my former background and colors took away from some of my photos or projects. Hopefully now we'll see the photos front and center!

Oh, and I never use IE unless I'm watching a Netflix movie, but I did check it in IE to make sure everything showed up just fine. You can let me know if something isn't working on your end though! I don't have another computer readily available to me during the summer to check.

In other summer news...I heard a gosh-awful squealing this afternoon and went out on the front porch to discover this peeking around the corner:

Uh, I live on a farm (nonworking now) but we never had piggies!! Aren't they cute though? Mama Pig was as surprised to see me as I was to see her.

"How you doin?"

Pack o'trouble

Time for a nap.

We're outta here!


  1. Love your new blog look! You are one creative gal.

  2. Quality blog for quality time. Love those little piggies. I don't eat pork so they'd be safe with me!

  3. I love the vintage feel of you blog. The pigs showing up like that is hilarious. My FIL was injured very badly by a boar once years ago when he raised hogs. That's one reason he had to have the knee replacement done.

  4. Your last caption should be, "...and they went wee, wee, wee, all the way home!"
    Uh, if they aren't your pigs, where DID they come from?
    Love the new banner, super cute!

  5. Love the header photo. Wanna make-over my blog? How sweet where those little piggies? Did Stella try to chase them? g

  6. I like the fashion plates at the top of your new background. The piggies are to cute.

  7. Cute pigs! I like the new layout too. Very clean.


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