Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I crack myself up. Now if only BWOF was a reality show and not another incarnation of "octo".

Anywho...what a shocker to get the Burda World of Fashion in my mailbox today! (I refuse to conform to the "Burda" minus "World of Fashion" cover name. Boo!) On first flip through, I love this (even tho the neckline would look hideous on me):

Dress #119
And I don't plan on chopping down any trees (or whatever else the Brawny man does in his free time) but I really like this top (pictured below in the non-flannel version):

top #105

I'm a sucker for a cropped plaid jacket. Plus, faux fur!

jacket #108

Is it wrong that I like this?

Dress #104

And wait...are those REAL PEOPLE modeling? Surely that was a trick of the light. (But I really like this dress, it looked much more "stylish" on the person than in the line drawing! Typical BWOF).

Dress #117
And this top in the plus section is actually very pretty too:

Top #133
And this vintage-y suit is really cute. Or is the hat seducing me??

Suit #124 & 123

That's it for my first run through. I'm sure someone will make up something I didn't look twice at and I'll find more to love!


  1. Angie, is there anything you don't like about this issue? LOL And I had the exact same reaction to that tunic/sweater dress/carpet thing (Dress #104). I sort of liked it... against my better judgement. I was trying to decide if I could in any way make it come out as something better than Hideous On Me.

    And, yes. It will always be "BWOF". Psssht, "Burda"-schmurda.

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I am going to have to buy this issue. Just when I let my subscription run out!

  3. Forgive me for being perverse, but I really do like the carpet bag dress. This style (or is it stylessness)can look great on any shape as long as it fits. Not too loose and never too tight.

  4. I think I let my subscription run out. Of course I've only made one (yes one - and it's not hemmed yet/still) garment from an entire years worth. I just find out that the Borders, just a brisk 5 block walk from office carries it though. So a lunch run will be had soon. g

  5. Regarding the last suit (or hat?): I think a lot of this kind of "vintage/British/elegant vibe comes down to styling (e.g. the hat!). Take away the setting, the props, the styling, and you're left with regular (though nice) garments!

  6. I like the sweater dress too - but the line drawing and the fact that there's "room for a pullover underneath" kind of scares me! I would definitely have to find the right sweater knit to attempt it with. And even then it might get shortened to a tunic length to wear over my skinny corduroys.

  7. Dress #119 is MINE! It's totally a dress for us flat-chesters. I really like the cropped jacket and #104 too. I'll have to get a thick cozy fabric for it. Good choices!

  8. There's a lot of choices there.
    All you have to do is pick one and go!

  9. I'm loving this issue too. The past two have been meh for me, but this one I'm loving!

  10. I love dress 117. The line drawing looks plain, but I like the look on the model!


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