Tuesday, September 01, 2009

swing swing swing

Speaking of vintage...I just won this on ebay a couple weeks ago:

I'm seriously smitten with the red print view. I also have this blouse pattern, from the same era:

Love love view 2. Call me crazy but I'm toying with a vintage SWAP. Not entirely vintage of course since I would like to do pants too, and I have NO vintage pant patterns. But I do have a couple of recent retro/vintage-y Simplicity pant patterns. Like this one:

And you know I still have that adorable cherry fabric (prewashed and petted aLOT since last year swap time, but never cut into). In fact I have 3 of the fabrics from last year's swap, still uncut.

I'd definitely be making this spectacular 1940s vibey blouse from the June (?) issue of BWOF:

And from another issue this year (June also??) this fabulous skirt:

And don't forget this fabulous dress from the March issue:

And a retro/vintage swap is the perfect excuse to make a capelet! Epsecially when the rules require it. ;)

Here is last year's mini swap storyboard, which I still LOVE:

I'd still take all of these pieces! The NL top has been muslined, but not the Vogue. The pants were muslined a few times...to no avail. I actually did make the skirt in another fabric, because I couldn't bear to cut into my cherry fabric (even though I came seriously close one day last fall).

(Dawn, don't tell my mojo I'm planning. M'kay??)


  1. ohh nice choices! love the skirt and the blouse in particular.


  2. I LOVE you vintage-ish SWAP plans. So cute! Have you seen Simplicity 2614? I am currently working on it and it has the same shoulder pleating and neck tie on your vintage patterns.

  3. Well I think it's lovely. I love both of the vintage patterns. Can't wait to see what you make with them. g

  4. I won't tell if you don't . . .

  5. Great patterns and fabric. Uh-your mojo is going to be in high gear to sew all those beautiful garments!

  6. i LOVE the detailing on that blue blouse of the first pattern. i can see why you haven't cut into the cherry fabric--i'd be that way too. its delish.

  7. Those patterns are so pretty and feminine. I love them. You are going to be a very busy woman!

  8. Love the vintage patterns, and the story board still rocks!

  9. Great vintage looks! I am in the midst of sewing a blouse with a pattern from the 50's. I was so confused when I took it out of the envelope, there is nothing printed on the pattern! Just some holes punched in it. The holes apparently are supposed to tell you something....good luck on your swap!

  10. I'm very much looking forward to seeing that skirt finished and on you! I love it and want to make it as well but I have nowhere to wear it to!


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