Sunday, July 18, 2010

home again!

I'm back from Louisville, Kentucky and LUCKY ME, I caught a cold from the filtered air on the planes. Yuck!

But, other than some tiredness and sore throat/minor cough, I'm just happy to be HOME. This was my first trip to Kentucky, and I did not get to see much more than downtown Louisville. That in itself was interesting and fun though!

We stayed in the Galt House, right on the Ohio river. We were too exhausted Friday night to take the riverboat cruise, but we really did mean to!

We did squeeze in a visit to Joe's Crab Shack though. Look, it's my lawn BS tunic. Perfectly cool and comfy for the hot, humid day.

Downtown is very picturesque, with lots of interesting architecture.

I love the thought and attention that went into making the sidewalks so interesting to walk. Every few steps there was something quirky or fun or charming to inspect. (As usual, I'm the one behind the camera, so these lovely ladies are some of my fellow school buddies.)

We rode the trolley around Main & Market street:

And of course we walked a few blocks to the Louisville Slugger museum and factory:

Lu was excited by this picture.

the Babe's bat!!!

We didn't have time or transportation to make it out to Churchill Downs, which was a little disappointing. But that just leaves more things to do the next time I'm in Louisville! I also didn't make it to the Muhammad Ali Center, which was just across the park from my hotel,

I'm so happy to be home now, to enjoy my last few weeks of summer vacation. I go back on contract at school August 4, so I have about 2 weeks to finish my summer sewing fiesta and do all the loafing I can squeeze in.

Here's one final photo, this is me, somewhere over Michigan, waving to Kristine:


  1. Looks like a fun trip!

  2. Welcome back! So, geography has never been my strongest subject, but OK to KY via MI??

    word verification: adoryte - that's NOT a word, but it should be.

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  4. H! I live just south of Louisville! Glad you enjoyed your visit. You picked a hot time to visit! What brought you to town? Next time, try to visit the Bardstown Road area, lots of neat shops and places to eat.

  5. Welcome home! Happy sewing!!

  6. Sounds like had a great trip! I think you are as talented with your camera as you are with your sewing.


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