Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vtg Mail Order 1839 (again)

It's official, I love this little pattern! Here's my second version in a vintage cotton print:

It's a little windy today so the shape was hard to capture. It has the same waist darts in front & back, and gathering at the yokes.

I left the collar plain.

But I trimmed the plackets with a tatting-look edging, a sweet vintage find from an ebay lace bundle. (Someone selling off their grandmother's collection of sewing items from the 1950s. I will truly never understand people, but I hope her grandma would be happy to know I'm loving & using the items!)

You can see the lace a little better in this one, and the sweet fabric. It is SO soft! It was only 35" wide, but I'm no good at dating fabrics. I have no idea when the widths became 42" and 44"?

The buttons are vintage too, from an Etsy seller, a carded set of 6. I have never removed vintage buttons from a card before! It felt a little sacrilegious.

The darts on the back neckline, and the collar back:

And another windy shot of the blouse front.

I've got one more of the cap-sleeve version I'd really like to make right away because its so fast and easy, but I did trace off another copy to make the sleeve version too. You use the same pattern pieces, it just had perforated dots to show where to cut for the armscye. I traced it all off onto another sheet of tracing paper rather than cut up my original tracing of course. Now I have 2 blouse patterns already fitted!

The only change I made to the sleeve version was to add 2 inches. This is a short blouse, which I think is part of the style. I wanted a longer length that would tuck in easier, and be a little more modern pant friendly.

I can't believe how fast July is speeding by. I'll be going to a school-related conference this week, so I really only have Monday and Tuesday for sewing and blogging activities. (Um, and packing. Packing has to be done at some point too.) I hope you all have a great week! Sew lots so I have lots of pretties to look at when I get back!


  1. I really like this blouse. I think I have some similar red buttons. Great fabric choice.

  2. I just wanted to mention how much I admire your ability to adapt patterns to suit your needs. I can sew, but I'm not much of a seamstress and consequently do not often make clothing for fear of it not, I must admit to being a bit lazy and just not wanting to put in that extra work to make the pattern adjustments. I always love seeing what you are making and wishing I could try it on for myself!

  3. I think you can call it a TNT for you, I love this version. You should enjoy the vintage notions on your clothes, just wear this one out so you can clip them off for another blouse :)

  4. I really like the vintage cotton print. It's really authentic-looking! Great job!

  5. Love that fabric! What a summery little blouse! I totally agree with you about selling off Grandma's notions but I guess it's better sewn onto a stranger's blouse than left to sit and rot in a garage or basement!

  6. Another beautiful take on this pattern! Also love all the vintage details! :)

  7. I love it! The fabric is gorgeous and the trim and buttons are just perfect for it! I love the lavender version from the previous post, too! Looks like this one is a winner!

  8. Cute blouse! It looks so cool and comfy for hot weather, and being vintage fabric, a nice cool cotton,. Cannot beat cotton for comfort. Summer is speeding by! Have fun at the conference.

  9. I love that blouse! It reminds me of one my momma wore when I was a child. I am by no means an expert on dating fabric, but I do know that fabric was 44 inches wide in the 1950s. I wuld say almost certainly your fabric is pre-1950.

  10. I love both version of this top! You're so talented~an inspiration!! Those buttons really make it pop.

  11. Beautiful blouse. I love the breezy cotton vintage-y look.

  12. Have fun at your conference. Love the shirt. Love your talent. Sorry I missed you when I was back home. I was only home for a few days. :-(


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