Monday, October 04, 2010

anthro shirt: in progress

Ok, so just an itty bit of progress, but we'll take what we can get, right??

So far I've adjusted the pattern (it's a crazy frankenpattern now! I'll take a picture in the daylight tomorrow if I remember to upload next post). I've also cut it out, and sewn a few seams!

The darts are sewn on the front bodice, shoulder & side seams sewn, and the neck stay-stitched:

I also added a bit of topstitching to the seams:

This beautiful red/royal/navy fabric is a linen and cotton blend from the 1940s. It's only 36 inches wide, so some creative layout was necessary. I bought 3 pieces from the same ebay seller, and man, I could have cleaned her out... if only I had unlimited funds! Her shop is empty of this type of goodness right now, but if she restocks I'll let you know!

After I buy what I want first, of course. ;)

I think the most exciting part (next to the part where I'm actually sewing) is that I have the perfect royal blue linen to make a skirt to match! I have no idea what pattern I'll use, but probably something simple like a pencil skirt. Actually this "Emma Pillsbury" skirt from J. Crew has long been a fave, so maybe TWO knockoffs are in the works.

Right now, I'm sleepy. Night!


  1. lovely! Can you send me some sewing mojo? I seem to spend entirely too much time sitting on my rear watching tv.

    Love that skirt and the top is going to be fabulous. g

  2. I'm really looking forward to your contruction posts. I have this same pattern and have yet to make use of it. I'll definitely be following in your footsteps.

  3. I'm in a deep swoon sighing over that beautiful fabric. Love the skirt design.

  4. That is such a pretty print... looking forward to your top and the skirt will make a great pairing with the top.

  5. Lovin' your fabric too!

  6. That is gonna be a SUPER cute outfit! I want you to stay up all night to finish it so I can see! :)

  7. This is lookin' good! I LOVE that fabric- it's going to look fab with a blue skirt!

  8. Great fabric! and that skirt is going to be awesome, Ms. Pilsbury!

  9. Crazy in love with that Emma Pillsbury skirt!! Someone really ought to create a sewing blog devoted to knocking off her wardrobe...


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