Thursday, October 28, 2010

shoes, wonderful shoes.

It's no secret I have a thing for shoes. Is it?

Lucky for me, I'm teaching through my planning period for a few months, which results in a little extra shoe shopping money. yay! Here are a few I bought and I few I still want. It's pretty much neverending!

First in the "bought and wearing" category...Red patent leather ballerina flats.

Super 1940's-esque black pumps. These are VERY retro in person:
The new Naya brand at Naturalizer, expensive (ouch) but gorgeous and I love love them!Now for the "I really, really want" category...

More Naya (although I seriously want the blue colorway of this one, the black is awesome too):
These oxfords are perfect. Satin ribbon laces? Be still my heart!
Oh, and the beautiful outfits I could create just for these suede pumps...
And brown ankle boots are, like, a necessity of life. Right? ESPECIALLY if they have a little rosette detailing. I'm pretty sure I'm right about this.

Darn kids and their Christmas presents to shop for, and, oh yea...the satellite bill and the gas and the phone bill. I could SO have these boots (and the suede pumps! Or the oxfords!) if it weren't for pesky little details like that. Hmph.


  1. I LOVE the ankle boots! I so want a pair...but I might have to save for a bit to buy them! All of the shoes looks sooo comfy.

  2. Love your shoes! If you want serious eye-candy, you should head over to Fleuvog. I discovered it recently - it is ridiculously expensive, but I want it all.

  3. I love shoes too! Great choices - oddly enough, I just got the taupe suede pumps w/ the rosette and the brown shoes (that you want in the blue colourway) from the Naya line. Great taste lady!

  4. I love those ballet flats - details please?

    As for the ankle boots - what do you wear them with? Remember I don't wear pants to work. g

  5. I am a self-confessed shoeaholic! Today I bought the most fabulous black and cream pumps for $10 from the op shop. You will appreciate my bliss!

  6. Those suede pumps are SO cute. Ugh! If only I didn't have parking tickets and college application fees...

  7. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw those oxfords.


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