Friday, November 05, 2010

lovely extra minutes.

HOLY cow, how'd the first week of November already shoot by me?

I'm exhausted, because the TIME NEEDS TO CHANGE AND BE DONE WITH IT ALREADY. Thank the bejeebus that it finally will this weekend AND I'll have one special additional hour added. Oh, lovely hour.

In one hour, I could cut out and tissue fit this lovely Hotpatterns that begged me to drag it out of the pattern bin a couple of days ago:

Or, I could write 800+ words on my nano novel.

I could do (nearly) two loads of laundry.

I could bake some brownies.

I could give the dogs a bath and their monthly flea treatment.

I could play with my fabrics and old BWOFs until I'm delirious from the perfume of as yet un-prewashed fabrics fresh from the fabric store. (Don't you find that said delirium often leads to that dreaded infliction, projecto non-start-ems? Me too.)

Nah, I think I better stick with the Hotpattern. (and them some hardcore nano.)'s the weekend and I've got ONE EXTRA HOUR!!!

How will you spend yours?


  1. Hahaha! I think I've already spent mine and owe some back. At least it feels that way.

    I'll be spending the other parts of the weekend locked in my sewing room madly working on a denim jacket to take on my upcoming trip. Thankfully, it's a TNT so no pattern alterations were needed. I hope. ;-)

    Love that HP - it's very you.

  2. Yep, I've been having a
    No(sewing)vember too! Nice blouse pattern!

  3. Finishing the pink tweed skirt. But like you I could do some laundry or bathe the dogs - but it won't happen. g

  4. Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings. I guess we're just too cool for that...

  5. Our clocks (in the UK) changed last weekend - I spent my extra hour in bed - but I think I should have spent it doing the laundry!

  6. Ooh, I love that HP pattern! I've got an HP shirt in the works, too this weekend. Along with grading some math tests and a long overdue blouse (gift) for a dear friend...

  7. I think I need more than one hour!!! I will definitely hit my sewing room this weekend! I have a knit top that is waiting for the neckband to be attached.

    I really like the Hot Patterns blouse. Do you have some vintage fabric for it?

  8. The Hot Patterns looks terrific! We are also looking forward to the time change, though at first I am quite exhausted. I guess I am a creature of habit.

  9. I'm excited about the extra hour, too. I think I'll sleep for that extra 60 min. though!

  10. I was thinking of just sleeping during that extra hour ;). I have a bunch of things that I need to work on, but instead I am just sitting here with my coffee, watching tv!

  11. I will be sleeping...

    LOL! I've been sick and probab;y need the extra!

  12. Huh. I didn't realize there were any other options than "sleeping".

    I'm sticking with the traditional, I think.


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