Thursday, November 11, 2010

mojo madness.

Long before I loved Mondo:

I loved Kate Spade. Which might explain why I loved Mondo.

Ahhh Kate. (who is a front for someone with a much less cool fashion name than Kate Spade.) You understand me so well. Dots. Stripes. Juicy shots of unexpected color. Tights. ♥ ♥ ♥

Speaking of tights love... As an, erm, curvy girl, tights can be hard to come by. Target's a good place for cool, funky color tights in my size. The website We Love Colors is good too, in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

But...if you've got some serious crushing (like I do) on that middle photo above, the one with the aqua top, goldenrod skirt, LEOPARD JACKET (OMG), and black dotty tights... but, alas, you have generous thigh-age and boot-ay...have I got some www for you.

Forever 21 Plus, black dotty tights. Better hurry though. I already ordered two pair.

You're welcome.

ps poetry...
Oh, lovely sewing mojo,
why doth you abandon me so,
in the wee few hours of the weekend?

pps... Just a little note for clarity: Yup, I do know "Kate Spade" is an actual, living, breathing person. :) I remember when she launched her handbag line. But she is no longer the designer for Kate Spade. She & her husband left the company a few years ago, and I can never remember the new creative director's name. It can't be as good as Kate Spade. Now THAT'S a name.


  1. The photos are fun! Loved the lame jacket in the oh-so traditional design.

  2. ooo! I love the green dress with the purple shoes, the b/w dress with the hot pink tights, and OMG- the white dress with black dots and green tights! Am I too old for that? And it looks like it has ruffles on the bodice!

  3. Oh those are fabulous. Can I be her model when I grow up?

    My coworker forwarded this site for wicked tights: Here's my question to you - how do you wear they really pretty, funky, bright tights in a corporate enviroment? Please help! g

  4. I'm not sure whether you meant to say Kate Spade isn't real, but she is. She's from Kansas City, which is where I am, and the newspaper here writes about her quite frequently. Spade is her married name though I wonder if she still retains rights to it, since she sold her company a few years ago.

  5. I love me some Kate Spade, no doubt about it. Wish I could get away with polkadot tights, but unlikely. (I still haven't even been brave enough to make some skirts for work, although I did just get official confirmation last week from my boss that skirts are not forbidden, as was told me by other emmployees. So that's a step in the right direction. I guess.)

  6. Don't know if you follow The Selby, but he did a shoot of Kate's place: (Sorry if this posts twice, Blogger was acting up.) Gorgeous home, with just a bit of fun.


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