Thursday, December 02, 2010

skirt tutorial envy.

Oh, you know how it is. Cut out a shiny new skirt. Can't find time to sew. Discover shiny new skirt tutorial online.

I haven't been on the paperbag waist skirt train yet. For one thing, I rarely used to tuck anything in, and this skirt really needs a tucked in, slim-fitting top for the full effect. Now that I'm wearing more cardigans and things, I'm pretty sure I can rock the whole paperbag waist.

Here are some cute RTW versions for inspiration and ogling (albeit several are so short your pootenanny might need covering to prevent said ogling of another sort):

I'm lovin the paperbag pencil skirt from Asos above (actually I think all of these but one are from Asos. The khaki is by Tulle.)

Anywho. I randomly landed at this adorable paperbag waist skirt tutorial in two versions, a zipper with pleated version and an elastic/gathered version. Here's a pic from Suzannah's blog:

Adventures in Dressmaking is a new blog to me. I think sewing (and especially fashion sewing) blogs exploded among the 30 and under set in the past 15 months or so. I've kind of been oblivious since I had my favorites and not a lot of time to venture out and find new blogs to read.

The author of this blog is an easy read and she's talented and full of great ideas. I read through most of her archives last weekend while in a turkey coma. If you haven't found her before (some of you are followers I know) you might jump over there via the link above.

Just so you know, it is an ad-supported blog, which I usually prefer to avoid (because the ads tend to be very distracting and clutter-y) but I love her style and her carefree sewing mojo.

The real question I shove aside the HP and go for the shiny new or persevere?

Wait. Isn't that always the question??


  1. My vote is for shiny new and the heck with persevere. But that might be one reason why I have a few too many WIPs tucked away in my sewing studio. Maybe you should persevere after all...

  2. Thank you for the tutorial link and pics. I haven't thought about this skirt and will definitely give her blog a look-see.

  3. I'm lovin' this skirt and the tutorial is outstanding. Thanks for the link.

  4. Hmm. I really like this skirt style- in the longer length of course! I'd look ridiculous in the short version, seeing as how my legs aren't even half as long as the models!

  5. Tried paper-bag pants in the '80's back when I didn't have a padded waist. Now it would just look like I put too much in my bag. Ditto on the skirts.

    Only SHOULD be worn by tiny little people who can wear bunchy clothing and still look thin.

    So why is this becoming a fad? I thought the younger set were always making fun of what they call "mom pants" with waists high enough to cover what shouldn't be seen? Can I dare to believe that fashion is getting back to more coverage again?

    Now if they would only stop putting spandex into everything. . . . .

    Catnip Hill at Etsy


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