Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I stumbled across a new site the other day and applied for an invite. It's called Pinterest.

It's sort of ingenious; A place to bookmark your favorite photos from all over the web, and organize them onto inspiration "boards". Then, you can tag them, make notes and comments, others can repin them to their boards...and Pinterest credits the image and links it back to the original site! Fabulous!

Here's a quick snapshot of a few of my boards (um, I think I have 8 or 9 now, but not all are "filled" yet. I just keep thinking of things to add and they won't go in the already created ones!)

Do any of you have a pinterest? I'd love to know so I can "follow" you! I've been meandering around in others' boards this week too, but mostly I've been trying to remember my favorite photos and projects on the web, so I can share them in one place!

All in all, a perfect Christmas vacay distraction.

I sort of needed it too. My car broke down last week, and what I originally hoped to be an inexpensive repair, turned into a likely very expensive repair, and then, finally into a NONREPAIRABLE repair. Yes, my car is D-E-D. I just paid it off in May, so it's only about 6 years old, 70K miles. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard?

I'm pretty sad about it, not because I loved the car, but because now I have to buy a car. That puts a 3-5 year kink in my "life plan". And I was just beginning to see light and fluffy bunnies at the end of the tunnel.



  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    oh no! what a horrible holiday gift. Sorry to hear your car may be on its last leg. As soon as I paid mine I thought it has an electrical problem. Luckily it was a fluke but I totally hear ya on the feeling of disappointment. Hope it gets resolved without too much pain and doesn't put too much of a kink in your 2011 plans.

  2. Oh, no! That happened to us too - my husband's truck died the month after we paid it off!!! But we ended up with a better vehicle that we're really glad we have now... I'll keep my fingers crossed for a happy ending for you!

  3. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Dude that sucks about your car! I had that happen with a second hand car two weeks after I bought it - long story but it was a dead loss!
    On a happier note - I love pinterest. What are you listed as? I'm on there as lazystitching :)

  4. Girl, I told my dad about your car and he said you have to get a second opinion. We're both still dying to know what the diagnosis was.

    And I LOVE the idea of the website, I haven't even looked at it yet and I love it. Whoo hoo. You know I'll be on there soon. (Drat you workplace chores, why must you interfere with my surfing??)

  5. Ouch! It's no fun to spend $$$$ on a car. Like Marybeth, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a happy ending for you in the transportation department.

  6. Oh no fun to have a dead car! I figure that automobiles will be a permanent expense like heating and food. When I don't have a car pay, I put that money into a savings account. I know that's hard to do, but then when the veh dies, I've got downpayment for the next.

  7. Major bummer about the car! Hopefully somthing fab will fall into your lap with a small pricetag.

  8. Never heard of Pinterest before, but it looks appealing to me...going to check it out. So sorry to hear about your car though. Hang in there.

  9. I like the sound of that website, will have to have a look.

    The very same thing happened to my car this week, I've had to buy another. However, mine was old and ready to go but i was trying to hold onto into it a little bit longer.
    Hope you get yours sorted soon x

  10. Eeps, that's no fun! We are having similar problems with DH's truck.

    I have never been to that website, but I do something similer on

  11. It must be the week of the car. Both are cars were in the shop this week. Thank goodness neither died. Sorry for your lose.

  12. my car is getting a new gas line, to the tune of about $600.

    COOL site! i requested an invite, i will be stalking you soon. :)


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