Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Day for UFOs

I hereby declare today the...

My UFOs...
*Green check bow dress, vintage McCalls 6328

--Needs bodice lining, sleeves, and hem. 

*Mustard HotPatterns Belle Skirt

--Um, it really is more than a flat piece of fabric!  Needs waistband and buttons/buttonholes. 

*Anthro-inspired New Look top

--Needs sleeves, buttonholes, buttons.  And some handstitching at the left neckline edge.

Seriously people.  If I would just take the next 3 hours and buckle down, I would have THREE completed, adorable garments.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Isn't that the truth! I don't have your list of UFOs. I just have a stack of dreams waiting to be started. Walking away from the computer now! g

  2. Good luck!!! I love that mustard skirt! Mustard is my favorite colour! x

  3. I also have three UFOs - no-compliant projects that I'm not sure can be rescued. Love that mustard fabric and the I'm really into button down skirts. Finish this one please!

  4. LOVE the quote! I have quite a few, ahem, UFO's! I am hoping to get to them this week! Can't wait to see yours finished!

  5. I have about three UFO's and someday....

  6. BAHAHAHAHHAHAH. I scoff at your measly 3 UFOs. Three. Three! Ha! I'll see your three UFOs and raise you.... eight. You heard me. Eight.

    I see by your poker face you are still willing to stay in the game. Very well....

    You could get these done by tomorrow. GO. Begone! We expect to see super cute mustard skirts and anthro blouses, post haste.

    Seriously? My word verification is "efxghthr". What? They ran out of vowels?

  7. Urgh sudden feelings of guilt regarding my gigantic pile of repairs, alterations and UFOs. >_> should get on that.

  8. That Hot Patterns skirt is just what I need for my Fall Wardrobe plan!


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