Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oldie but Goodie

First week of school!  I was so tired Tuesday I actually went to BED at 8:30!!  ha.  I'm feeling a little more normal now and today went relatively smoothly.  I think we're crossing the line from "complete disorganized chaos no matter how hard I try" to "this IS a real teacher".   :-)

Sadly, I have nothing new to share (I had a bit of a virus over the past few days that lingered and made me extra tired over the weekend.  Super bad timing!)  But I can share what I wore today...not that I took a pic of my outfit or anything. 

Remember this skirt?  I drafted the pattern from the Sew What Skirts book, and used a psychedelic cotton print from Hancocks.

My favorite part has always been the pockets:

And an old photo of me wearing it.  I wore a turquoise sleeveless knit top and a cropped white cardi with short sleeves.

It was a hot day, so a good outfit for the heat!

Hopefully I'll get those buttons finished on the mustard skirt so I can wear it in a few days and share that too. 

Something new I "wore" today that I thought I'd share (even though it's a little, um, indelicate?)  This is SkinDura Secret Shield:

It's a skin protectant stick for anti-chafing.  (Wow, this is sort of awkward. ha.) 


If you need it, you know what that is.  If you don't, you don't. Am I right?  ;)  In a nutshell, for those days it's just too dang hot for Spanx (or faux Spanx.  Fanx?)  Two words:

Loved. It.

Wore it all day, no problems whatsoever.  Never reapplied.  I walked from one end of our building and back 4 times today (it was library day for my classes!) and you don't get much hotter or more humid than Arkansas in August!  I bought it from their Etsy Shop.  I recommend!


  1. I love the skirt and totally could use the anti-chaffing stick.

  2. 1) I love those pockets from that book (never would have thought of that style on my own!) and I have used them on skirts for me and for my girls.

    2) At any weight I've ever been, even quite thin, I always have thigh chafing (just the way I'm built) and thus I am very interested in that product. I've tried one from the drugstore and didn't feel like it really helped so I'm quite intrigued.

  3. That skirt is adorable. I love it.

    And how close are you to state lines? g

  4. Thank you for the recommendation - I've add that shop to my favorites. Definitely need something for chafing.

    I like the skirt - love the pockets. It's a fun skirt.

    School starts for us on Monday - the girls were excited but that's starting to change the closer we get. ;)

  5. ROFLOL!!

    Sorry... -snort cough choke- I just have this image of some lady sticking labels on cans of PAM.

    So totally going to buy some of this.

    oh yeah. nice skirt too.

  6. Those pockets are too cute! Wish I could come up with cute detail ideas like that on my own - I always feel like I should do something more with my sewing projects, but can never seem to figure out what.

    THANK YOU for the SkinDura link! I am so there. I was beginning to feel like I had tried everything short of, well wearing shorts under my skirts.

  7. cute skirt , love the pockets and the fabric...

  8. Thighs are why I NEVER wear summer skirts.

  9. Super cute skirt. I love the fabric and the pockets. & echoing thanks for the SkinDura link! Because of my build, chafing's an issue for me no matter my weight. & I only wear skirts in summer...

  10. Very nice. The pockets a nice touch. I love the fabric.

  11. Nice and bright for the tail end of summer. Must keep the pocket idea in mind for a few casual, 'beaching' skirts for my summer.

  12. That is so cute! I bought that book two years ago when I got back into sewing again. I'm just enjoying the last week here before back to school and the chauffering begins again..


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