Sunday, August 28, 2011

weekend miscellany.

Although it's STILL not finished, I did work on this dress a bit:

Good grief, I started this thing back in MARCH people.  And it has been patiently waiting on me ever since. Can you believe I hand pleated that darn skirt and it's a silly old LINING that's keeping me from finishing it??

Anywho, that's my goal this week.  Finish this dress.  Maybe I just need to start doing that...set a goal each week for one finished object.  UFOs count.

I also watched a load of movies.  Like this one:

Decent summer fun.  Made better by occasional gratuitous shots like this:

(Newcomers: I'm shallow. And contrary to what Beangirl would tell you, a little shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal never hurt anybody.)  Oh, and I left these images full size. In case you need to click them to verify their...verifiability.  Or whatever.

I also played on Polyvore, which has the ability to suck away an entire hour if you're not careful.  You've been warned.

I also visited ebay, my favorite Saturday morning cappucino visit.  Remember this adorableness that was first season Glee??


Whee!  I already have a black enamel telephone...I'm just such a sucker for a vintage pin.  What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear did a post a long time ago on this brooch, assuming it was a brass or goldtone telephone.  I never thought that was quite right, and I was fairly excited by the verification that a cream pin existed.  And it will soon be in my hot little hands!

That's it for my weekend wrap was yours?


  1. So. Jealous. You hit the jackpot with that pin. Adorable. I have to admit I loved that movie. Was I influenced by the shirtlessness? Could be. : )

    I can't wait to see the dress!

  2. I went to two wedding - on the same day! Had tons of fun and ate food I didn't have to cook. Then I made a dress.

    Where is the mustard skirt?

    Love that pin, can't wait to see that finished dress. g

  3. That pin is divine!

    I must say, I watched that movie purely for his shirtlessness, and there was hardy enough shirtlessness. More abdomen I say!

  4. Your talent with Polyvore always has me drooling! I am so infatuated with that pink top with the bust you remember where you pinned it from? I feel like it could be knocked off using the Pendrell blouse in a knit..

  5. psssht. whatever. I can totally find better shirtlessness than that. Hmm... I'll have to, y'know, do some research now to prove it.

    It's for science.

  6. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I love that pink top, too! I was just racking my brain for a knock-off option. What is the Pendrell blouse?

  7. I love all of those combinations. Wow, thanks so much.


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