Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday Shenanigans

We had a long weekend (no school on Friday!) and I did a whole lotta not much.  Well besides laundry, vacuuming and general house tidying.  And watching a dozen episodes of this:

And muslin-ing!  I stitched up the bodice of Colette Crepe (after altering for an FBA):

The muslin looks fairly perfect, so now I need to cut it out of real fabric.  My plan is to have one of this dark royal blue dotted swiss:

And then I really want another one to knock off this sweet dress that Amy Adams wore in the final scenes of "Leap Year":

I think her's is a lightweight chambray, but I picked out this lavender-grey lightweight shirting from Fashion Fabrics Club:

Both fabrics are prewashed and dried and ready for cutting (my least favorite part).  I do need to pick up a stripe ribbon for the Amy Adams knockoff dress though.  Too many stripes?  Nah. Surely not (that's what I really love about that dress anyway, the boldly striped ribbon belt).  Mine will wrap in back like the Crepe, rather than the front like the AA dress.   I guess I'm really just knocking off that stripey belt, huh?

I discovered something interesting about the Crepe bodice front...I think it's basically identical to the bodice of the Pastille dress in the Colette Sewing Handbook:
The pattern pieces appear to be the same in the important areas (darts, cap sleeve). This is cool for a couple of reasons...for one, it saves me work muslining the book bodice!  Second, I can swap out skirts and bodice back from the book with the sweet necklines of the Crepe.  More dresses in one!

And now I leave you with the fruits of my free day Friday: Polyvore sets aplenty. new OUAT tonight.  More Polyvore to pass the time?

Emerald Isle

Sun & Sky

Eastern Influence

Lunch at Coral Gables


Aqua Sunrise

Once Upon a Time: Ruby


  1. I love Warehouse 13! Fun show. And those Polyvore sets are really nice. For some reason, I especially like those green pants, they're a great color! Good luck with all of your muslin-ing!

  2. I had never heard of Warehouse 13 two weeks ago and Q and I have now watched the first two seasons. I also love the dark royal blue dotted swiss and can't wait to see your finished product.


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