Sunday, February 19, 2012

Re-Mix Vintage Shoe Sale: 50% off!

If you love vintage shoes you probably love Re-Mix Vintage, authentic reproductions of some really great 30s & 40s shoes.  I've never owned a pair, just coveted several, because they're also pricey.

Well-made (some in Mexico, some in Spain), super comfortable, lovely.  But pricey.

This morning I stumbled across an online retailer who must be liquidating all of their Re-Mix Vintage stock, DNA Footwear.  Every pair is 50% off!! 

No refunds, all sales final.  But the price is much closer to "right" if you've been waiting to buy a  pair!

Not affiliated with DNA Footwear in any way... just thought I'd share the great find!  It was serendipitous, as I have been saving for a pair and only had half saved. Ha.  The green "Greta" wedge above is on it's way to my house!

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