Friday, May 11, 2012

Victory Patterns

Have you heard of Victory Patterns?  I think it is a relatively new pattern company based in Canada.  Most of the styles seem to be trending to a younger target market (than moi, for example) but there are a few that I really love.

Anouk, dress version

Anouk, top version

Ava, dress version

Ava, top version

I actually have a vintage pattern from the mid-70s that is a ringer for this skirt.  I should dig it out this weekend and see what kind of shape it's in!

Madeleine skirt

There are a few other styles on the website, but these are my favorites, especially the top versions of both dress patterns (and I appreciate patterns that show multiple uses in one envelope!)  I probably won't be purchasing these two patterns because they remind me so much of something I already own.

The Anouk pattern is very similar to a Built by Wendy Simplicity dress/top pattern from a few seasons ago.  And the Ava reminds me of Colette Macaron.  I already own both of those patterns, so I probably won't be purchasing from Victory Patterns just yet.  But I'll keep them on my radar!

Sewing plans are up in the air for the weekend...more Sorbetto's or another Hazel??  Something new?  I sort of hate to break the streak!

ps...did you see the Avengers yet??  It. Was. AWESOME.  I might have a little tiny crush on...

Shhh. Don't tell my other superhero boyfriends.


  1. So, I want all of these. But the patterns do no good to me because I never have time to make anything, I'm too busy finishing peoples' quilts for them! I wish I could buy the ones on the model. :O)

  2. New pattern line to me. It seems many of the indie pattern companies have some version of the Ava dress! Thanks for sharing this info.

  3. Those are cute. Thanks for sharing. I like to hear about new indy patterns.

  4. I love the details on the Anouk, this is on my radar too.

  5. I just saw the Avengers on Thursday and loved it!!! I totally swoon for Captain America though :P

  6. I haven't heard of this pattern line before,but it is definitely a bit young for me. But it's also mostly weekend, date night clothing. I look at patterns with my 26 year old dd in mind and I know that she would be able to wear these to work. The Ava dress is pretty for a date night, but dressy for Austin.

  7. That was not be able to wear any of them to work

  8. Hawkeye. Who knew, right? Every GUY I've heard talk about him is very dismissive. And I'm all like, "Uh. Where did THAT guy come from??" Must be a girl thing. And I'll let you keep your other superhero boyfriend (you know, that Captain America guy) since I have MY other superhero boyfriend (you know, that Iron Man guy)... but I might have to fight you in a death match for Thor.

    Ooooo. Thor.

    Probably we can just share.

    Wait. Did you say something about dresses or something?


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