Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New project: Shorts

Time for a new project!  Since it's summer (90s this week!  Ouch.) I thought a pair of cute, well fitting shorts were in order.  I have a couple Simplicity patterns I'd like to try:

Simplicity 2654

Simplicity 2896

And I also have the new Colette Iris pattern.  This yellow version on the Colette website is so cute with the button trim!

I'll be using some cute black & white 1/8 gingham in the stash:

I had thought I would get to a muslin today but instead I painted the living room trim.  All day.  I'm too tired to muslin shorts now, (and I still have 2 window sills to go!)

Tomorrow I'm going to repaint the living room this pretty "Stormy Cove" blue grey:

It probably seems backward to do the trim first, huh?  I hate painting trim.  I don't mind the walls so much, but TRIM.  Ugh.  So I got it out of the way first, that way I can't back out. ;)

SUMMER.  Loverly Summer.


  1. What a beautiful blue! I love blue walls with white trim, and I, too, hate painting trim.

  2. I'm painting also. I've decided that the kids' bathroom is boring so paint it gets!!

  3. oooooh!~ can't wait to see your shorts. If you like them, I have both those patterns in my stash!

  4. Have used the Simplicity 2654 multiple times, for the long pants and for the skirt -- love it. That shaped facing on the waistband! The multiple vertical seams for fitting! The non-functional tabs that wrap from back to front! Will never make a short version, as I took a vow not to wear shorts, when I saw my mother and her friends wearing short shorts last summer. No one needs to see me in shorts, ever again. (No one needs to see those 80+-year-old women in shorts, either, but that never stops them.)


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