Friday, July 20, 2012

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 12-13

The ad campaign is called The Louis Vuitton Express, and I just spotted it in my August '12 W magazine. Have you seen it yet? Very interesting:

image credit: Louis Vuitton
There are about 4 different decades colliding in these garments.  It's decade soup.  I love love love the necklines and oversized collars (shades of Downton Abbey showing up yet again?) Also...the hats.  I think I love them?  I love to look at them at least.  I also love the idea of luxurious fabrics, but the patterns are of course a little too subdued for me personally.

ha.  gotcha.

Also?  That hair handbag looks suspiciously like Chris March's runway collection for Project Runway (season 4? maybe?):

I remember being completely creeped out by the hair skirts, dresses and collars. And I completely hated this particular dress.  It looks like he wrapped the model in clearance aisle tapestry ribbon, then stuck a hair skirt on her.  (what's that saying about a hair shirt?)

And I'm pretty sure I remember Nina and Michael being creeped out by the hair too.  Hmmm. Wonder what they would say about LV's collection??


  1. The fashion in these pictures is absolutely gorgeous!! You just keep searching the pictures for more wonderful details. Real eye-candy!
    But the models are kind of freaking me out. They somehow look like dolls to me...

  2. I love this collection and am currently working on my own look inspired by this collection.

    One the issue of the hair...I say yuck...and Kenneth King also has hair coats on his website. What's up with the hair thing. Totally creeps me out. I am not trying to wear some other persons hair. I wouldn't even wear my own on my clothing!


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