Monday, July 23, 2012

Remembering Sally Ride

I spent many a summer night in my childhood sleeping outside, looking up at the stars.

I wanted to be up there.  I wanted to be surrounded by the deep, vast, endless expanse of space.  It has never felt like an emptiness to me, or even something that needs to be filled.  

To me, it was adventure. And possibility.  

It was hope and dreams and fantasy and faith.  

And when Sally Ride made her first flight into space, 
I was watching.  


I never really stopped looking up.  

Godspeed, Sally.


  1. As a girl growing up in the rocket city, all things space were fascinating and yet out of reach. Sally Ride was such an inspiration and a hero - the first woman in space! I was watching, too! She may be gone, but never forgotten.


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