Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clouds. And shoes.

Look to the Clouds
“Suddenly I have this feeling
Tasting copper in my mouth
I look to watch the clouds for my last breath…”
  ~The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, Copper Down

We've had some crazy good sunsets lately. I think it's the weird but lovely cool-ish weather we've had. KNOCKING WOOD HERE.  (Ok and yes, this Oklahoma girl is calling 93 degrees cool, but it's the truth.  WAY better than the 115 or better we saw this time last year and the year before. Lord, that's practically FALL temperatures).

Anywho.  Pretty.

I've been taking one picture a day for 16 days (well more than 1 on most days), some of which you've seen and several you haven't.  I added my flickr badge back to the right sidebar though, in case you want to follow along. I'm participating in the 365 Project.  (1 photo a day for 365 days).  I'm placing them in a set, so they're all in a nice, neat package of photos.  A couple of bad cell phone photos, but I've been having fun trying to come up with new and interesting things.

This is more difficult than it sounds since I spend most of my time looking at the sky and/or clouds when I'm outside.  Expect lots of cloud photos over the next year. ha.  

Also, I just ordered another pair of trail shoes, this pair by Salomon. I meant to get green ones (hot hot lime green) but hit "one-click purchase" while it was on the bright purple.  Whoops.  So...now I'll have 2 pair of bright purple running shoes.  These have more support and were a tiny bit more expensive than my last pair (which didn't end up having enough support in the arch).  TMI?

And...more Pretty.

Wow.  I just noticed that it's after 10 pm.  I'm back in teacher mode during the day but it sure is hard to retrain my sleeping habits, which seem to be stuck on SUMMER. 

Summer, how I loved thee.


  1. Beautiful picture....I had to comment 'cause I'm a teacher too and am back in for meetings this week (sort of part time-ish) and then full time next week. Back with kids on Sept. 4th. And yes...my sleeping patterns are still on Summer....hope I don't doze through the meeting!

    1. That week of meetings is the WORST!!! I always have so much to do that I can't actually get done because I have to sit and listen to stuff I already know! Hope you have a good year Jodie!

  2. I might hate my boring white/gray shoes right now. Your shoes might be awesome. I need a new pair now. Bitch.

    Tomorrow is our first day with kids. Yay. Excited. (Not.)

    1. Ratssss. Can't find your email. And I totally just tried to "like" your comment. First day was BRUTAL. Second day was better. Third day today and I had a nightmare. Think it's definitely school time.

  3. NEVER TMI about trail shoes. Ever. Are they cushioned? I'm all about cushioning and the "heel cup"...

    1. Sissy, they're the "XR Mission" and they're supposed to have really good support and cushioning. The precursor to this shoe (last year's model) won a Runner's World award, and both had excellent reviews on zappos! I'll let you know when they get here and I get to break them in!


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