Saturday, August 04, 2012

Wakey Wakey

There's a Snakey!

Snake Trail

Not something I want to see on my morning walk!  Although at least it wasn't the slithery thing it belonged to. Ew!

What else have you  missed the past few days... let's see.  I went back to school yesterday and got a TON done in my room (I'll share pics when I get it all set up).  I moved upstairs to the "penthouse" this year, so I have a new room again.  It's AWESOME.  I'm on the top floor with a corner room, so I have several beautiful window views to gaze out of.  Instead of working.  Hmmm..that could be dangerous.

I've been going on my morning walks earlier and earlier, trying to get in the groove for "back to school".   The sun is so pretty coming up through the trees (and so much cooler than the 110+ we've been getting midday around here.)

I even got sprinkled on one day.  See, here's the one sprinkle:

That's pretty much the gist of my week, in photos! (and if you follow me on twitter you already saw them, ha!)

I did not get my dresses overnighted to sweet Rachel and her husband who are on their way to Haiti tomorrow, but she did give me a contact to her organization so that I can mail the package to them instead. Hopefully this group of dresses will go out with the next team.  Thank you SO MUCH to Tricia and Rachel.  I'll unbox the dresses this morning and snap some photos so you can see this batch!  They're so cute.

So many of you offered to contact groups or friends for me, and I appreciate every one of you!  Please do let me know if they are interested and I'll spread my dresses around.  My email is up in the right hand corner of this blog if you'd rather contact me personally.

I've had some of the best, most thoughtful and insightful conversations about donating to charitable organizations and philanthropy in general this week via email with several of you.  I heard from many readers (you lurkers you!) whom I had never gotten to know before, and I loved that part!

You guys are the best! 

ps...would you believe I just last night opened my July Burda Style?? I'll try to form some coherent thoughts about this issue and share them this weekend too.  I've even got a swishy SKIRT planned.  Yes!  Sewing!

Happy Weekend!

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