Sunday, February 17, 2013

Counterfeit Dresden Petal Handbag Pattern: Los Angeles Needlework

Thank you to the lovely blog reader Kathy, who let me know that the losangelesneedlework dot com (not feeding their traffic with a  link!) was SELLING my Dresden Petal's handbag pattern.

damn straight I'm a 5-star author. I'm also FREE.

WOW. If you're a blogger who shares patterns and tutorials on your blog or website for free, you might go have a look. I recognized a few others' work while I was there for the five minutes it took me to submit a CEASE AND DESIST notice on them.

Son of a gun. People are scumbags.  They even added the absolute WORST font choice ever on top of my images. (I teach graphic design. Don't screw around with me on font choice. It ticks me off.)

**UPDATE** A little sleuthing on whois led me to this domain company (as the domain contact for LA Needlework):

Please click on that link and choose "File a Claim". There is a place to report any of their websites that host copyrighted or trademark-infringing materials.  Thanks guys for reporting! I'm feeling pretty blessed at all of you who have emailed to let me know my pattern was up, even 24 hours after this post, I'm still getting emails from concerned bloggers and I appreciate all of you!

**UPDATE #2** I have heard from Domains by Proxy and they provided additional contact for the hosting provider for Los Angeles Needleworks. Here is that contact info. Feel free to flood their email with complaints.  (Note that this info is also publicly available under the website as well. Just giving you folks another contact point.)

Hosting Provider:
Nerdie Networks LLC
3941 E Chandler Blvd, #106-211
Phoenix AZ 85048

Now let's shut this !@#$% down.  (As of 4  p.m. 2/18, my content is still on their site and available for purchase. Grrr.  I have heard from at least one other blogger who has had her content removed.)

Meanwhile, if you'd like to access the Dresden Petal Handbag Pattern for FREE...

Just click to your little hearts content right here.


  1. OMG!!! They even stole your pictures? I am appalled! And so sorry that they did this to you. I am holding the original bag right now and fuming at them on your behalf!

  2. Whoa!! They are selling your free pattern? :o really!! total scumbag!!

    well, karma is a &itch! I hope it gets to them.

  3. Did you ever see the Selfish Seamstress's post, "Idiots on the internet"?
    A self-described designer was not only trying to sell her free pattern, but also used a picture of her. Her response and subsequent post are hilarious. Isn't it amazing how there can be so many good and kind people who really appreciated your free post, but one person and their unethical act can color the whole experience. Personally, I'm just glad you're out here in the ether of the internet.

  4. Holy crap. Are you ok? Has the steam stopped rolling out of your ears yet, or is there still a possibility you might punch a hole in the wall? Me, personally, I would've emptied the pantry of all chocolate items within like, an hour. I'm sorry that people are such D-bags, that is so unbelievably rude and unethical. In addition to the "cease and desist", they should also be forced to refund all monies back to anyone that actually paid for that pattern. BIG HUGS for you, friend!

  5. Oops, I didn't read this post before commenting on your the original tutorial post. I hope this is resolved for you swiftly. Shocking behaviour!

  6. Anonymous6:58 AM

    The nerve of some people. Glad you caught them red handed.

  7. I've shared this post of yours around. I first caught wind of this heifer (that was so hilarious in the email you sent me!) from Fandom in Stitches. She has a ton of their paper pieced quilt blocks up for sale for over $5 a pop! Again, totally free content from the Fandom in Stitches blog!

  8. Hope their site gets removed soon. She stole so many patterns that it was ridiculous! I'm just glad everybody knows about it!

  9. Glad to see someone else on board! We have a good chance of shutting her down.

  10. I tried to go to that site and found this:

    "This Account Has Been Suspended"


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