Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Goodbye Girls

After 7 seasons, the Gilmore Girls will air its very last episode next Tuesday night.

I've shared countless hours with the Girls. I've laughed, cried and basically everything in between with them...usually while on the phone with one of my friends who share my passion for the lovable characters of Stars Hollow.

I'm sad, tonight, that all the fun ends in seven short days. So here are some of my favorite GG memories...

Rory the Debutante

In many ways she really was the daughter Emily & Richard never had.

The Townspeople of Stars Hollow

"Kookie" is probably being kind. Characters too hysterically weird to be real...and yet I want to live there. Or at least visit on holidays.

Sookie & Jackson

How can you not love Sookie? Shouldn't we all have a best friend like her? And was there ever anyone more perfect for her than Jackson?

Dinner with the Gilmores

Formal dinners with the stiff and stuffy Gilmore parents. Barely comfortable to watch, and yet...you can't look away. You know, like a train wreck.

"You Jump, I Jump Jack"

I had a love/hate relationship with all of the Huntzbergers. But man, I loved this episode.

Christopher. Second place never looked so good.

Luke & Lorelai. No explanation necessary.

So many other things...Chilton, Yale. Michel! The guitar playing guy. Kirk. Miss Patty and Babette. Paris! Lane!! And Mrs. Kim!

All I have to say is...God bless DVDs. And thanks for the memories, Girls.



  1. I am so bummed.....I need two more seasons and then I will have them all.


  2. I've only bought one so far! I really need to get busy on those. Good bday and xmas presents for me, LOL!!


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