Sunday, May 06, 2007

Totally Free. Like, totally.

You know what bugs me about digital art these days? Everyone's hung up on copyright. Yes, I completely understand about artist integrity and every person getting their due respect and accolades. Blah blah blahedy blah. But when you go to PURCHASE graphics for ebay template building (or web building or scrapbook making, etc etc) there's always a mile long Terms Of Use statement to plow through. And nine times out of ten, they all state...Not for Commercial use. Nu-uh. No way. No how. Period. Finito.

I even read one last week that went into explicit detail about all the ways you could NOT use her graphics, listing specifically you could not use them for websites, blogs, ebay auctions, templates OR for any other reason known to mankind where someone might actually SEE the graphic.

People. We're not ALL pirates! Furthermore, the good and decent people who want to buy your graphics to use on a webpage are actually PAYING you to do so! Now most times, there is also a commercial license. That is WAY more expensive than makes it worthwhile to purchase for a simple ebay auction template.

Sooo... Rather than comb through a billion TOU agreements, I got fed up and created my own. These 7 little "blings" were created in PSP X by me, using totally free tubes, photos, or scans. The jewels are in .png format to plop down on whatever you so choose. Auction template? Sure! Website?? You bet! Grab them below!

Red Flower Sequin
Hot Pink Flower Sequin
Yellow Flower Sequin
Orange Flower Sequin
Pink Pearl
White Pearl
Black Pearl

Oh, and one more...a Clear Crystal that I forgot to stick in the preview photo!

You: Wha... You mean they're free?



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