Thursday, June 28, 2007

Little Stitches

I have to do a plug today for a couple of really great small embroidery companies! The first is Sew-N-2-U Designs. The sweetest, tiniest fonts you've ever seen! Patty currently has 6 tiny fonts. I purchased two recently to make my own clothing labels

Another tiny design company is Perfect Little Stitches. MJ has the most amazing tiny designs! (and some regular size too!) I could shop all day at this site. There are tiny designs for every thought or occasion, and if Lu's not careful all her socks will be embroidered and all her clothes will have embroidered, covered buttons.

The best part?? They both have very reasonable prices and generous copyright agreements (both allow items to be stitched & sold). I never, ever buy brand cards or cds anymore. Not when there are SO many gorgeous designs out there from small companies with excellent prices!

Since I've been doing custom sewing, I've been in the market for woven labels. Lordy, they're expensive! Especially for a small home-based business like mine. I tried printed labels, but they just weren't what I wanted for a permanent solution. What I wanted was going to set me back several hundred dollars.

Enter all the tiny designs I've been collecting, and I debut for you my new labels:

Aren't they just perfect?? Now I'm ribbon and twill tape shopping. I can't wait to stitch them out! Sounds like a rainy Saturday afternoon project.


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I love your label! It is darling!


  2. Thank you Jeanne! :)


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