Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I had a really deep, thought-provoking post composed in my head last night. (I KNOW! Who woulda thunk it?)

Then I slept.

All I have left is this pic...

I cleaned out my closet! I tossed...TOSSED!!!....anything that doesn't fit. Or that I just don't wear. EVEN IF I MADE IT. I'm the worst about keeping things I've made, just because I made it.

But I revisited the Fat Rant video by Joy Nash this weekend (not a bad idea whenever you're having a down day) and she says to "Get rid of all the clothes that don't fit! They're just p***ing you off!" Or something to that affect.

You know, she's right. So I pitched them. Thought I was gonna hyperventilate. Because in case you missed the picture above ... MOST OF THE CRAP IN MY CLOSET DOESN'T FIT!!!

I've been hanging onto it because someday it "will fit" dangit. Well, some of that stuff is 5 years old or more. So I'm guessing it's not gonna fit anytime soon, or it will be out of style anyway (um, ya, some of it already is!)

Although if I hang onto it for another 15 years it should be BACK in style. (I'm kidding. I pitched it all, I swear.)

My closet is bare.

But what IS in there fits. What a thought.


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