Monday, June 04, 2007

One Pattern, Multiple Looks

I'm entering this one. Maybe with more than one pattern! Basic rules are:
1. Choose 1 pattern to create several different looks.
2. If the pattern includes multiple types of garments (e.g. a wardrobe pattern), then just ONE of the garments can be used (e.g., the skirt, the top, the jacket or the pants).
3. You can change length, add a ruffle, add trim, change fabrics, etc. etc. etc. You just can't redraft the pattern to make a new look!

So you CAN leave off sleeves to make a sleeveless version of a top but you CAN'T draft a raglan sleeve from a set in sleeve pattern (like anyone would do that crazy stuff anyway!)

My pattern choice...Simplicity 5074. A TNT (tried-n-true) pattern for me, I'll be making (hopefully) several versions of the drawstring pants.

Here's the line drawing to give you a better visual of the pant...

Thankfully the pattern already comes with a couple of easy variations...drawstring bottoms, or NOT. Patch cargo-esque pockets, or NOT. I'm planning on a few more inventive changes though. Like...
1. Cargo shorts, with a little cuff or roll, and a buttoned tab on the side hem?
2. A straight leg (possibly slightly widened) flowing pair of rayon crinkle gauze dressy pants.
3. Linen capri length pants in a floral linen/cotton blend.
4. Black patch pocket, with drawstring capri's exactly like the pattern cover (my "original" interpretation of the pattern).
5. Lengthened to high-heel tipping evening pants in rayon velvet (great for winter...which is SO far away, but I'll be glad this winter I've got them!)
6. Comfy flannel pj pants...slightly tapering the leg.
7. Silky oriental print...slightly narrow the leg and lengthen to ankle-skimming length.
8. Bermuda length shorts...patch pockets, no cuff in a pink with navy seersucker stripe (I call it my "cape cod" fabric, LOL!)

And those are just my immediate thoughts for changing this pattern! It helps somewhat that I've made this pattern at least 1/2 a dozen times already in yet OTHER looks than these. Of course I can't use any of those...these garments have to be made between June 1 and July 31.

First pair up: The "original pattern" interpretation, black rayon capri lengthen with patch pocket & drawstring hem. They're cut out and partially seamed. I'll post a pick as I get each garment finished!

Stay tuned!



  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    What a fantastic idea for a contest - I should do this one too (I'm just too horrible at using a pattern multiple times). I can't wait to see all your variations!

  2. Oh no, you should totally do this one! Your stuff is always so cute!

    This pants pattern is the only one I've made multiple sure is a good thing I don't sew to save money! LOL :D


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