Sunday, July 01, 2007

An Absolutely Darling Movie...

For little Lu's birthday party I took her (and 3 of her closest friends) to see this ...

I can't even begin to describe what an adorable movie this was!! Nancy is smart, and well-mannered, and still kicks a little booty in the end, when she absolutely had to. But she was very proper about it.

Her clothes, of course, were TDF! I seriously want this trench coat...

Nancy states in the movie that she makes her own clothes from her mom's old patterns. Aww!

But the most important part of the movie to me was the fact that Nancy's an honest, sweet, honorable role model for my little girl. I've read mixed reviews on the movie, and to be frank, the "not so good" reviews are definitely NOT being written by parents of little girls. And those reviewers are missing the point.

Parents who worry about the sex, violence, drug use, profanity, and worrisome behavior that perfuses the rest of the movie's out there for kids these day (anyone else terrified by "Thirteen" a couple years ago?), well, we NEED more movies like Nancy Drew.

There wasn't a person in the theatre with me Friday night who wasn't smiling when they left. And that's saying a lot. We were all entertained, we rooted for Nancy together, there was lots of laughing out was, in a word, ENJOYABLE.

I'll say it again. We need more movies like Nancy Drew. My baby girl needs more heroines like Nancy Drew. So go!! Spend your movie dollars and drive that box office up!! Let those producers and moneybackers SEE that this is a profitable market. After all, isn't the all mighty dollar who dictates what we see onscreen?

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  1. I saw this movie last week with my 12 yo twin daughters, you are so right an excellent movie. I loved the sewing part and I can remember reading the books all the time.

  2. I can't wait to see this movie, even more so after reading your review. And yes, that trench coat is TDF!

  3. Ooh Sharon, she had the cutest clothes! I kept thinking of Shannon (hungryzombie), LOL. She needs to go see this movie too!

  4. Yay!! I can't wait to see it. My 7 yr old has been dying to go.

    Thanks for the review! Now I'm even more excited than I was before.


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