Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm IT

That panty-sewing whirlwind Debbie has tagged are the rules!

Answer the questions, add photos if you want (or steal Debbie's) and tag 5 other sewing bloggers. Ah hem...

1. What kind of seam ripper do you use?

I use this pointy ended blue seam ripper thingie that I can never find when I need it. Like now, when it needs its picture taken.

2. What do you use to snip threads at the sewing machine?

Uh, sometimes these teeny embroidery scissors when they're not vacationing incognito with Mr. Seam Ripper. Or just my regular old shears.

3. What do you use to cut out patterns/fabric?

I, unlike most of my sewing compadres, have just one (yes, one. Go ahead and start pitying me now.) pair of shears that I cut with. I HAVE a rotary cutter. I just don't know exactly where it is. Or how old the blade is. Here's my pretty pair of Mundial shears:

4. Do you stash zippers?

Are you kidding me? Don't you sign a contract when you purchase your sewing machine?

5. Which takes up more space in your stash — knits or wovens?

Wovens. I have a fierce love of quilting cottons. The bigger the pattern (the bigger my a$$) the better. Here's just the pretties in the cabinet. The rest are hiding.

6. Are you wearing anything today that you made?

Uh, not at the moment. Not even panties.

7. Does anyone else in your family currently sew?

My sister kidnapped my Babylock Ellure a year ago. They're still on the lam.

8. What is the last $$ sewing-related (non-fabric) item you bought?

Have to be the 'nina. Ebay vendor bushvideo (who specializes not in video, but in Bernina Sewing refurbished machines. Now after that big plug, can I have a discount?) Or maybe it was my Juki serger...which I slobber over all the time. The kids are embarrassed equally by both so it doesn't really matter.

9. Cutting out, pressing, hemming. Which one do you like the LEAST?

Next to my Juki, I have a love affair with steam. So ironing's my FAVE. I'd have to say cutting out is my least fave. I'm sure if I had tons of cutting implements like all you Blade Junkies (snort, great new sewing group name!) then I'd enjoy that part more. (Debbie, if you don't eyeball, how ARE you supposed to hem then? :P )

10. Do you have any non-chain garment fabric stores in your local area?

Sager Creek Quilts is close enough to visit now and then! Hi Cliff & Pam!

And since I've been traveling, I don't know who's done this and who hasn't. So I get free rein to tag whoever I want! So there!

I tag Shannon, Shannon (haha, couldn't resist), Lisa, Lisa (HAHAHAHA I'm really cracking myself up now) and spreading the love to a blogger I enjoy but don't know very well...Dena.




  1. OMG, you crack me up!! The next time you come to this area and you don't let me know ahead of time, I'm going to ... well ... a very bad, painful thing. ;-)

    Oh, and thanks for playing. We don't take points off for tardies.

  2. hehe. I know, I know! I kept thinking about you that week. And you're not even my type. :D

  3. omg! you are hilarious!


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