Monday, July 02, 2007

Embroidered Ribbon Label Tutorial

In response to a bunch of questions I had about the labels & how to make them, I photo-journaled my label making this moring and thought I'd do a little tute for ya!

If you have an embroidery machine, you can make your own classy labels for a teeny tiny fraction of the price of woven labels. Just look at my snazzy new labels...


*Tiny embroidery fonts & Designs: Mine are from Sew-N-2-U & Perfect Little Stitches.
*Satin Ribbon (make sure it's wide enough for your designs!) My ribbon is single-sided satin ribbon on a roll from Wal-Mart, in 1-1/4 inch width.
*Fusible Interfacing
*Sticky back water soluble stabilizer (Mine is a humongous roll from All Stitch.)
*Embroidery Machine & Threads


Step 1: Cut ribbon to desired length (I started with about 30 inches). Stabilize your ribbon. It's too flimsy to withstand the embroidery designs without interfacing! I cut a strip of fusible interfacing the same width & length as my ribbon & fused with the iron.

Step 2: Sticky back water soluble stabilizer is the secret ingredient! Hoop the stabilizer with the paper side up (the sticky side).

Step 3: Using a large needle or pin, "score" a rectangle in the center of the hoop, approximately the same width as your ribbon, as below:

Step 4: Peel the scored paper away & remove. Now you're left with a little window of "sticky" stabilizer.

Step 5: Center your ribbon over this sticky window and smooth.

Step 6: Embroider your design. You will probably have to fiddle with your needle position. Most machines allow you to do this. I checked the first needle position, then moved "12 clicks" up for perfect placement.

Step 7: Trim around all sides of your embroidered ribbon, leaving a rectangular hole in your hooped stabilizer:

Step 8: Cut a new, larger than your hole, rectangle of stick back stabilizer. Flip your hoop over and apply this new piece over the hole. You can even use 2 pieces for more stability if you want.

Step 9: Now go back to Step 5 & repeat from there ! That's pretty much it!

Repeat these steps as many times as wanted! You can "patch" your hole in the stabilizer with another piece until your length of ribbon is completely embroidered.

When finished, trim your jump stitches from the front! (No need to trim back jump stitches, since they will never be exposed.)

LAST Step: Rinse water soluble stabilizer from ribbon, dry & press well with iron. Cut labels apart & enjoy!!


  1. Hey girl, fellow Dollygirl here, great labels!


  2. Why, thank you ;)

  3. Great tutorial...looks like I now have another reason to purchase an embroidery machine.

  4. VERY COOL!!! Thanks for the tute!

  5. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Hi there,

    I think your labels look great! I actually get my sticky labels printed by a british labels company as prices are so cheap and it saves me the hassle.

  6. Thank you for this!!!! I was just about to order some labels but this is way better.. and cheaper!

  7. I live this. Thank you .Perfect!!

  8. Thanks for this tutorial. Perfect. I will finally have label!!

  9. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Love it! Great tutorial! Thank you!

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    Thank you for sharing your great idea!


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