Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cupcakes are Stress Relieving

We all knew this though, right? Well, this one is also Calorie-Free!

I was in serious need of a quickie project Sunday evening to destress (you know, from the trauma of going back to school on Friday). I decided to make a lavendar scented sachet to keep in my desk so I can pull it out (when the little buggers are making me schizo) and snort its soothing vapors.

Ah hem. Anyway, I followed a superfast crochet pattern I found at IndieHomeEc. (While you're there, browse around her cute blog for lots of quick projects!)

My cupcake is stuffed with polyfil that I drizzled with lavender essential oil. It smells SO yummy.

I'm sure it will get lots of use once school actually "starts". In fact, I may have to make several to pass out to my neighbors down the hall!


  1. Yikes! Back to school - nooooo! Fortunately, I still have a few free weeks left, but then it's back to the grind. When I do get back to my classes, I hope it's a one cupcake year (if I need more than one to get me through the year, please shoot me!) Best of luck - I feel your pain.

  2. oh so cute. If you had my son in your class that cupcake would be clear up your nose. Good Luck!

  3. Yours came out awesome!!! I'm so glad the pattern worked out for you :)

  4. AMY!! Bwahahaha!!!

    Thanks Holly! Your pattern is awesome :D


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