Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vintagey Goodness

I love me some vintage patterns.

Like, really really love em. No, really.

AND I have a super sekrit flea market booth that I stalk regularly, where (in the vast and wonderfully colorful imaginary world inside my head) a tiny blue-haired lady spitefully doles out 2 or 3 packs of vintage patterns at a time for $1.50. Whenceforth I pounce!

Only to wait (im)patiently for Ms. McTighty Blue-Hair to dole once more.

Wha? You need proof?


And Dickies!

And Whoa-Mama Pajamas!

Where was I? Oh yea. I entered another contest at PR. The "Seamy, Steamy, Fresh & Vintage Contest".

Oh wait, I made that up.

It's actually the more staid and proper "Vintage Sewing Contest". maybe I better go with "Ladies Lunch Jacket & Skirt..."

although I might be all "Slip Me a Mickey (Who Wears a Dickie??)" underneath.


  1. You are hilarious! I especially like the pj's. The top reminds me of The Beverly Hills character. I'm having early Al and can't remember her name. Good luck!

  2. Hahaha!! You're the best Ang!

  3. LOL Amy!! You & me both! That would be Ellie Mae Clampett :D

    Love your new pic Beki!


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