Friday, February 08, 2008

For Shannon :-)

Which Battlestar Galactica Character Are You?

Created by BuddyTV

Phew. I was really afraid I'd end up as Baltar! (the rest of you can tune this out for a second) Shannon!!! There's a possibly that Scifi/NBC/Universal won't pay for the rest of Season 4 because of the writer's strike!!! And what they've shot (the first 10 eps) ends on a big cliffhanger of some sort. We could SERIOUSLY get stuck there foreverafter!!! AGGHHH!!!! (ok now the rest of you can pay attention again.)

In Wardrobe Contest news...I have the knit top cut out and the wide leg capri's cut out as well! I didn't get a chance to work on them today because I was working on this:

Just a peek at a set for the "Cute as a Button" launch with my new ebay boutique group, theChicks. This bunch of girls is SOO much fun!! I've had a ball this week getting to know all of them!

The set features this little halter top, along with a pair of embellished denim capri's, which are almost finished. They are seriously awesome. I promise I'll show you the finished product!

And tomorrow will be sewing for ME day!


  1. I took the quiz and I'm Boomer too (I kinda hoped I would be Baltar - I always wanted to be an evil genius!) Okay, there is no way they can leave us hanging on some cliffhanger - I may just cry. I used to watch Carnivale and just when it was getting good, they pulled the show and left the storyline hanging - I still wonder what was supposed to happen next on that one.

  2. I just took the quiz...
    I am Number SIX! lol

    Hubby got me watching BSG.

    Now, I am going to see which LOST character I am. I may have to post this on my blog.

    Thanks for the fun!


  3. Hey Angie!

    I am so happy you are apart of our group now! Your blog is so pretty! I added your blog link to mine. ;) I also LOVE your Me page on ebay! It is so cute! I adore the picture links at the top. I need something like that for mine! :)



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