Friday, February 22, 2008


Where did the week go?? Sheesh. Today I discovered my blogland friend Heidi has been sweet enough to award me with the You Make My Day Award!

Now, technically this is a bribe, pure and simple. :P But I love her blog & I love getting awards so I'm overlooking her sneaky ways. might find some more digital goodies at the end of this post.

Also...I get to award this sweet bloggie award to 10 of my faves! It's hard to pick just 10. I can spend 2 solid hours perusing blogland these days! But here are some of my favorites:

1. Shannon: She does the most amazing smocked clothing for her little girl, is smart & funny & beautiful, a mother of 5 (!), AND she's a scifi geeky author-wannabe too. What's not to like?
2. Debbie: My bosom buddy. And when I say bosom, what I really mean is I always defer to her when it comes to a full bust alteration. :D
3. Lindsay: An amazing crochet designer. My hand cramps just looking at her pretties.
4. Angie: I'm jealous of her willpower and her little holiday place by the sea. But I sure do love to peek at her blog!
5. Katarina: Holy Cow is what you'll be saying after you see the amazing things coming out of Katarina's sewing room!
6. Heather: Pretty papery goodness. And some graphic yummy too.
7. Rachelle: A new blogger friend who also cracks me up. (Anyone see a theme here?) I can't wait to see her "Pink Abomination" when its finished! And blue!
8. Ree: Have about a month to sit down and read ALL of Ree's posts. She is HYSTERICAL and her blog novella "Black heels to Tractor Wheels" is a hoot!
9. Lil D: Who stitches, doodles & crafts right along with me. We're often thinking or doing the same type of project without planning it.
10. Mamafitz: Sew-er extradoinaire! & knitter too...Why don't I knit?

Whew. That's quite a list! Go forth & visit!

And for Heidi...who always makes my bloggie day, here are a matched set of cord buttons & shiny bling flowers. I made these with scans & photos of the real thing, then recolored, cropped where necessary, & added some sparkle. Perfect for your Photoshop or Paintshop Pro creative juices! All 6 are transparent PNGs, so just plop them down wherever on your graphics & photos & resize as needed!


  1. LOL I read it outloud to my hubby, and he even laughed: Now, technically this is a bribe, pure and simple. :P But I love her blog & I love getting awards so I'm overlooking her sneaky ways.

    Then, after reading, I quickled accepted your precious gifts... You're not only sweet and talented, you're also funny and generous!

    Okay...I just posted a picture I made using a couple of your bling-blings:

    I want to visit these other bloggers you awarded the award to...but first I have to play with new toys a little more...

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. YAY!!!!You are just tooo sweet!!!!Ah, thanks for the compliments!!!!


  3. ~gasp!~ why thank you! i'm so flattered!


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